Six supper fresh hand crafted doughnuts.


Flavours this week:

Lemon and poppy seed; chocolate Oreo; pistachio and white chocolate; Biscoff; toffee apple crumble; strawberry and cream.


Best enjoyed on the day of delivery, but can be frozen and kept for future indulgence if you have the will power. Just defrost at room temperature and then warm through for a few seconds in the microwave.


Additional doughnuts, cinnamon buns, holey-doughs or oat milk can be added on to your order.


Allergies: all of our doughnuts contain wheat and gluten and may contain trace of nuts and soya.

Additional allergens for each flavour: Biscoff soya; Oreo soya; pistachio and white chocolate soya and nuts.

Edinburgh Delivery

  • Please check your postcode is included in our list of available delivery areas. Orders that are placed outside the current areas will be refunded. We hope to add more postcodes in the coming weeks, let us know where you are so we can include you.


    Edinburgh Delivery

    Deliveries this week will be on Saturday 23/05 plus either Friday 22/05 or Sunday 24/05, tbc. So that we can optimise our delivery route we will plan these on Thursday and post the routes for each day on our social media pages.


    We will be delivering throughout the day but will be unable to give exact delivery times.


    Delivery is contactless, we will ring/knock on your doors and  leave the order on your doorstep. If you're not in we will leave it in a safe place for your later indulgence, but we can't guarantee Jim next door, or the neighbour's dog won't "borrow" them. We'll also be taking all the necessary safety precautions.