By popular demand we're getting back into the doughnut delivery racket. This time we've got some muscle.


FARR OUT Deliveries are now our doughnut peddlers - literally they'll be pedaling our doughnuts to you on their cargo bikes throughout Edinburgh. 

Before ordering please click the button below to check you are in the Farr Out delivery area



To order doughnuts please email hello@consideritchocolate.com with

  • ​Name of recipient

  • Date of delivery

  • Number of boxes (minimum of 1 box of 6)

  • Delivery Address

  • Farr Out Delivery Zone

  • Contact Number

  • Safe place to leave the order if no one is in

  • Any Allergens

Once we have all of the information above we will email to confirm and send a secure payment link to complete your order

Please note deliveries are only available Wednesdays to Sundays. Orders must be placed 48 hours before the delivery date.